The end is far


The other night I had my last Monday night meeting with my Universities student Senate; Something I had the honor of serving on for the past nine months. As we ended I realized that I won’t be seeing some of these amazing people at 8’oclock every Monday night. The saddest part was I wouldn’t be seeing several of the seniors who are leaving for good in a bit.

I wrote a little go away speech a couple days ago, mainly for the girls on my floor. But with the upcoming goodbys I will be saying to those all over the university I felt I should share it here.


It’s easy to say that the year has ended, cause it has. We leave in less than a couple weeks, back to our homes, old friends and family. We get to chill by the pool, take hikes in the wilderness, or just sit and fudge around. School will be but a distant memory.

This is what we’re going to hear for the next couple days and I want to stress that it’s a bunch of bull.

The year hasn’t ended. That would mean that we are finished. That would mean that our friendships have ceased to grow anymore, that the values and ideas we gained are useless, that what we’ve learned about the world and ourselves doesn’t need to be expanded.

The year hasn’t ended. We still have the fire we came in with. We still have fears from having to give that speech in class to talking to our Gwinn crush. We still have the ideas we had for expanding the student representation and influence across the campus and city. The strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and schemes are all there.

The year hasn’t ended. So lets not pretend that it has. Lets continue to build relationships with those around us. Be it back home or across Skype. Lets bring our ideas home and step up to challenging ourselves in a new environment. Bring those ideas to your old friends, bring the new information to our families and communities. Let us continue to strive for understanding the world around us.

Once you really look at it a year is just time; and what is time other than a made up component to measure….something. Looking up the description of time I can tell you that you shouldn’t even try to explain it because it doesn’t make sense. We use time to limit ourselves to a period of our lives. So I want to challenge you all to forget about the concept of time.

You can think that the year has ended and be forced to make a whole new year for yourself. Instead I challenge you to see the image of a never ending year. The year hasn’t ended and neither will you, continue the greatness you have offered to the world and the people you love and I’ll see you all soon.


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