My name is Joslyn, I am a female politician, and I am a feminist….I think?


As you all very much know (or should know) I am a future President of The United States of America. Some people call me cocky, others call me over confident…I don’t care which one you use as long as you vote for me. Becoming president was something I have loved to think about ever since I watched a speech of Bill Clinton and said to myself “that looks like an easy job…” Becoming president has become one of the top priorities in life…right next to learning to drive and getting a puppy. And at the rate my life is going it might be the easiest to achieve. I never put into thought that as a woman I would be considered a feminist if I ran for office. In fact if you asked me a year ago I would probably punch you in the face if you called me a feminist…okay not punch you in the face, but I would give you the biggest of all stank faces.

Growing up in my family being a feminist meant you were lonely, mean, and probably an English Literature major. I have a couple self-titled feminist family members who are used to meet these generalizations. They never or rarely date, they are vegans, and every time they come over for Thanksgiving my dad gets in a debate with them over the latest election that the republicans lost. As you can see our family gatherings are full of fun! Naturally I decided that I would never be like them because I like my boys and I like my bacon…mostly the bacon, but the boys are a close second. The word feminist just had that connotation of a type of person…something I would later learn is not what feminism is about.

Going to a school of mainly girls (3:1 ratio…what up Christian schools!!!!) I realized that this word feminist got throw around A LOT. People talked about it at dinner, in the bathroom, outside my door when I was trying to nap. I always got a little bit here and there and I was scared. Why you may ask? Because as a political inspired female I am trained to stay away from that word.

I learned from the beginning of my political involvement to hide from the feminist viewpoint no matter what political side you are on. No matter who you are or where you are value wise that image of the man hating, non-shaving, in your face about gender equality woman is always going to be present. Is it accurate…for my family maybe; but I have a strange family that is definitely outside the realm of normal. But I quickly realized that woman in politics are labeled as this unless they can prove otherwise. That requires a husband who is also involved in politics or always showing your amazing legs…maybe not the last one as much, but it’s what I’m planning on doing.

At first this didn’t register in my mind…until I entered college politics. In our elections for student body leadership we had ONE female run for one of the top presidential positions. That is one female running for one of six position…..and she ended up being the only elected female core member for that year and it was a fight. To me it was shocking that so few females would run for positions in the leadership…especially since we partially run the school in every other area. Why don’t women run…and then it hit me that even in grown up politics (it’s late and that sounded like a cool term) we see a huge voting demographic (women) who are highly capable to run and don’t. This is more complicated and all that stuff that you have to read books for and stuff and I don’t have the time, but it is interesting to me to see that women tend to automatically bow out of politics. Women who want power are scared to be tied to the word feminist…not because they dont understand it or disagree about it…but because it puts them in the box of what we picture a feminist to be….what EVERYONE (even some real feminist) thinks a feminist is. And the hard part is that everyone has a different idea.

It was from this event that I started to look into this whole feminist thing. I started to listen to people who would chat about it and attended a lecture or two on campus about what feminism stood for. I started to realize that the whole thought that it was a type of person is not what it’s about. I started to consider feminism as a value; the idea that you are a woman. And being a woman means you have boobs and can have a kid…and that’s pretty much that. Can you lift 40 pounds…I can’t, but some can. Can you run a business…mine would probably fail, but I’m sure others do it fine. Can you run an entire country…I know that I can do that! To me being a feminist means you are a human being, created like a dude in Gods own image and varies from individual to individual. Sure some argue that woman can’t handle the pressure of being in the oval office…but when you consider half the men we’ve elected into office you have to wonder if maybe we should just take a chance.

I understand how hard it is to grasp this whole feminist thing because it is so huge and it entails a lot. I’m still trying to figure out how this all works out for myself and trust me, I’m planning on writing on this a lot more. But I do want to clarify that to me, being a female politician should not put you in that box and cripple you from advancing to life in the political spotlight. As people who like to have rights and things (I’m sure a lot of you do) you really should start to realize that most human beings like those too…man and women. And men and women also like to eat pizza, and like to play some of the same sports. We are humans. We’ve been taught that we are all special and one of a kind. So we need to start to realize that we are. Every woman is different and every man is different; we were made that way and will continue to be made that way. We need to look past the genders and look at the person and what they bring to the table of life…sorry, I’m sleepy and hungry and table of life sounds cool right now.

So before this goes even more off track I’ll give you my main idea that I should had said a long time ago before I wasted your time in my mindless blaa. I feel that feminism is the idea that a woman is a woman; a being that can push a baby out…and I’m gonna throw up from reading that last part. I also believe as a feminist, that some women can drive and some cant (me), some can climb a tree and some cant(me), some can lead a congregation and some should never be put in charge of a small group (that’s also me!). To me a feminist is a person who looks past the idea you have to be something, because you already are something. You are a woman…and people who are women are women…and they are all different and think differently and have different goals in life. But they are all important in what they do and have the ability to go far in anything they want to do and work hard in. A feminist is a person who loves the value they and other women bring to the world no matter what they do in life. And as a politician I will carry on this faith in this idea of feminism and carry it with me.

My name is Joslyn Smith. I plan on becoming the President of the United States in the year 2032 AD and I love bacon. I believe that people are cool and can be awesome after they turn 18 years old. I believe that every single person has something to give to this Earth and was created for a purpose. I also believe that every person should be given a way to figure out that purpose. I also believe for the sake of clarification that a person is a person…and if you don’t know what that is you’re a very sad person. I am a feminist who loves that fact that every woman is different, but at the same time we are all a part of something much bigger. I am a feminist who will continue to stand as a figure of power and leadership no matter what it means, because at the end of the day feminism is more than a word, it’s a value and connection to who I am. So I urge my fellow females to stand up to the political plate, don’t let the fear of being labeled beat you down. You don’t even have to agree with my definition of the word feminist, but to make your voice heard you need to figure out what you think it should mean for yourself. Don’t let the fear of being labeled take away the power and influence you can have to make the world a better place. Own it and show the world that you can do it not matter who you are. Define what you think a feminist is and prove to the world that you are ready to take it on.


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