So last night was my last night here in Hill hall room 272. Both my roommates were smart and moved out earlier, so it was just me, my laptop, and my netflex subscription for the night.

I couldn’t help but realize that after 2 years of keeping an unmade bed, struggling to find clean socks, and vacuuming the worlds dirtiest carpet…I was going to miss this small confined space I’ve called home.

For those who don’t know 272 is a prime location for the dorm dweller. You are right next to the SMC (not sure the exact wording, but basically the person who prays and for some reason dances a lot) and the PA….so you can have wild parties all the time! You also have a wonderful window view of the parking lot and the creepy old man tree. Oh and if you ever have an issue waking up in the morning you get the lovely garbage and recycling pick up almost every other morning; its fantastic!

I know…be jealous of my awesome room.

Anyway, as I sit in my nearly empty room I can’t help but realize that I will never have to sit in these rocking chairs, or hit my head on the lofted bed to get my clothes. Hopfuly I wont have to ever get on the top bunk, only to fall due to my lack off upper arm streighnt….yes that has happened.

This room has seen the good and the bad. It’s been there through every final and late night I’ve had. I probally havn’t used it as much as I should (might have been using teh hallway a little too much) But when I did it was my home.

But now its time to say good bye and wish the next residents of 272 good luck and sweet memories as I prepare for my next step.



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