My Queen


I still remember the first time I saw her. My parents had just gotten cable after 10 years of begging and having to go outside to fix the antenna. I was amazed by the endless amount of channels and I would sit around when I was bored and use the remote to create myself a flipbook of random pictures (probably reason we went through so many remotes that year). I loved cartoon network and secretly couldn’t get enough of the NatGeo channel. It was all so new and amazing; for a homeschooled weirdo like me having something other than PBS was like finding Narnia.

One day my cousin came over and took my controller from my hands and declared that she had to watch the new “video”. I watched in amazement as she flipped to the channels I never came close to in my flipping episodes. After a little it landed on MTV and my life forever changed. Now I know what your thinking and I admit, for a eleven year old homeschooled fudgeball like me this was probably a great example of why you should never get cable and leave a TV with an unsupervised child. Neverless, it happened and my life became re-inspired by what I saw.

The song was Crazy In Love; an explosion of hip swinging and the maddest beats. I remember just sitting in awe as my cousin sang along in direct tune. Everything about that moment from the song, to the dancing, and the fact I’ve never seen a person dance in such a complicated way. The respect for the clearly mega intense workout and the beauty of the queen like figure in front of me was overpowering. I had only ever watched music videos for Jump5 and some old backstreet songs. A complete new world was opened up to me. A world that was dominated by B and me.

After that my cousin continued watching the channel which I quickly found to be full of talentless losers. My mind had been made that there was only one type of talent and it came in the form of 4 minutes of beautiful choreography and superb lyrics. I was in love with everything about Beyoncé and nothing could stop me. As I grew I tried to illuminate B in many different ways. I realized that I could just be myself, I didn’t need to worry about how I dressed or weighed because as long as you can dance you look awesome (note this doesn’t work all the time.) I started to practice walking all fierce like in heels; which was good until I fell and nearly died. But no matter what life threw at me, I picked myself up and showed the world I could take it.. Because that’s what Beyoncé has taught me; you don’t have to be anybody…just yourself.

And I just happen to be just like Beyoncé…minus liking black dudes. No offense Mrs. Carter, but I’m more of a Vanilla girl. I know my voice needs a little tuning, but I did live in Everett for 18 years…that’s some street cred right there. But even if you can’t dance like her, or sing like her, or live life like its nothing because your mother flippin Beyoncé like her, you can still be one thing. You can be awesome, because if it’s anything Beyoncé has taught me in the last decade it’s that you should never be afraid to just be you…which is AWESOME!


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