Dis Summer


This is a year of many changes for me. A new outlook on life (yolo it up!), a new job, a change in political parties….it’s been cray! But probably the biggest change is the fact that I’m living here in Seattle for the summer. I’ll be working almost every day for a total of 40 hours in a tiny office space typing data into the computer. In other words I’ll be having more fun than all of you suckas!

My first couple nights have been great. My housemates are just as crazy and weird as me, my house is cute and perfect in every way…including being surrounded by dogs and cats, and its close enough that I only have to get up 20 minutes before I start work (WOOOO…laziness 4 da win!)

But as always, changes mean that challenges come around. One….I found out that my archnemesis of life is living right next door. This kid and me have been pranking each other for the last two years of college and we had the hope that we could move on and accept that we would never prank each other again. Now the pressure for both of us is on to make the first move….it will be me!

On top of that with the ending of the school year comes graduation. Before I’ve never cared about graduating people. They were just a bunch of old people crowding up the library and coffee shops. But this year I made a bunch of friends who just graduated, and while most of them are staying in the area, I’m still feeling a little sad that I won’t be taking class with them or randomly stopping by their offices (especially a certain someone who is a certain something). And to top all of that I also realized that half of them have nothing to do so my coffee shops are going to be filled with them filling out job applications…nice.

So I have my old people leaving, my enemy living next door, and a house full of crazies. This is going to be an awesome summer!


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