Things my roommates say #3


Roommate time!

I have a whole new set of roommates which means a whole new set of people to laugh at!

These new roommates deserve a story so here it is. I recently decided to live in Seattle instead of going back and forth between Everett and Seattle for work. I was lucky enough to find a house full of girls I had known from the last two years who had a room all ready. The last couple days have been a whirlwind of getting to know them and lucky for me, that was so easy. And lucky for you their comments reflect that because they have the ability to crack me up all day.

Roommate 1: We need to do something crazy…like set off fireworks!

Me: Were are you going to find fireworks at 9 at night?

Roommate 2: I have the best idea! We find some engineering majors, flirt with them, and have them make us something we can use to light up!

Roommate 1: No…I’m pretty sure that’s called making a bomb and if you don’t mind I would like to get through college without becoming a terrorist.


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