YOLO….more like YONO


So with the new roommates and housing situation comes a whole new adventure and outlook on what it means to live in Seattle. I’m living with a couple girls that I knew from living in the dorms and I was friends with a couple. But still, that was only a couple of girls and only for a brief time so I wasn’t expecting any big connections or huge moments to doing anything. Boy was I wrong!

One of the big things my new house does is at the end of the quarter they have YOLO week. It’s exactly what your thinking about. Basically we have a series of escalated dares to celebrate our newfound freedom from school. But during the summer these weirdos kick it up a notch. They change from living once to being young once(YOYO)….not sure why that change is needed but it is. These dares are 10xs more extreme and borderline crazy. How crazy you might ask? Let’s just say my 100 piece chicken nugg stunt looks tame.

So far I’ve been Yoloed into diving into the ocean and checking out a creepy house. Yeah I know….whats so challenging about those. Well lets start off that I’m highly scared of flippin water cause you can die from it…..so yeah.

But really, during all these dares and occurrences of yoyoing I have noticed that while there may be flaws in the who yolo culture you got to admit its pretty fun. You are looking into the face of danger and telling it that it’s a creepy old naysayer and you will have none of their negativity. Case your a hipster who loves wearing pants during a hot summer day, riding a bike that could fall apart at any minuet, racing to the grocery store to get some Eco-friendly light bulbs so they can read that book they found in  the overpriced vintage shop.

So go out and become the greatest free spirited monster I know  you can be!



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