Okay…I’m not the boss.

In fact, I’m no where close to being anywhere close to having any boss like abilities. But considering that bosses don’t get to sleep at their desk and go on Facebook whenever they want I think I’ll be fine.

This summer I’ve been working at my university as a student worker, which is another way to say a minimum wage slave who will do anything so they can spend their paycheck at the creepily nice 7-11 down the street.

My job isn’t like the other on campus summer jobs. I sit in the backroom of the office that even my supervisor refuses to venture too many time. I record data and stare at the computer screen wondering if hell will have computers with endless data needing to be filled in (probably will)

As you may have guessed, I dislike the slow and constant constanity of my job. I really do the same thing over and over again and work with some….characters (that’s the nice person way of saying weirdos!). One of which is my wonderfully awesome future housemate who is great….other than her job.

My housemate splits her time at my office and another on campus and is the front desk person for both. In the mornings we work together and while we usually never see each other, there is one time when we can see each other…when she has to freaking shred!

Let me explain

Our office has two HUGE (think Godzilla…okay a little smaller, but still) shredders that sound like a bunch of mad cows mated with killer bees and they created the ultimate buzzing demon child. It’s awful and big and for some stupid reason I picked the desk right next to it.

So everything my housemate comes around with a medium sized leprechaun sized pile of papers, I secretly plan a way I could get her transferred to the furthest office on campus (at first I was thinking of just locking her in Ashton…but no human deserves that)

So my job is repetitive to making one go insane and I have the monster sheddanator to deal with…all for the amazing wage of $9.20 a hour. Merry Summer to me!


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