Things my roommate says #6


So once upon a time me and my roommate went on an adventure to find a Starbucks away from our University because it was dead week and every single seat in a 10 mile radius was used up. So we found one that was nice and quite….until the high school across the street let out. This is our text messages back and forth when we had to interact with these heathens.

Roommate: Why is he sitting on her!?! He’s gonna smoosh her!

Me:…that’s a girl.

Roommate:…okay I’m okay with equal sexuality….BUT GROSS!!!!!


Me: I want these kids to go to hell.

Roommate: Yeah…and not the nice non denomination Christian hell either. Let those suckers burn in Protestant hell!


Roommate: DA FUCK!?!?! Is that freaks hair green?!?!

Me: Hey, their probably trying to rebel from their over bearing parents or expressing their creative inner selves!

Roommate: Or expressing their lack of intelligence…stupid morons.




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