Naming non-friends


You know those days when you are all okay with life and you just try to enjoy the company of others. But then someone says something and all of a sudden your stupidity is exposed. Yeah, my week is going pretty much down that pathway.

The other day a couple guys stopped by the house, and just to putt your worried little silly minds to rest, there was no way I would ever be interested. They are what most girls call sweet guys….which is another way to say that they’re gonna be single for a long time….like forever.

So anyway, these guys come over and I kinda know them but I didn’t remember how I remember this one guy. Sure I was Facebook friends with him, but I had that feeling I knew him from something else. So like most people in that situation I decided to stare at his face….almost like it was a very confusing painting.

My wonderful roommate noticed this and through her confusing mind full of British romance shows and half a bottle of wine thought instantly that I had a thing for this guy. So she decided to introduce me….again…because sometimes you have to announce a persons presence twice.

So I had to politely smile and awkwardly say “Hi…I’m Joslyn and I think your face is confusing.” (I would add that you shouldn’t add that last part). The guy answered back, Oh….I thought your name was Michelle.


Once upoun a time, before I decided to be president and let anything leave my mouth, I would make comments to people about them to their face. And one day while hanging out with friends I had met this guy with a bunch of other people. As with this meeting, it was a bunch of people I kinda knew, but not really, so names just flowed through my mind.

Now upon meeting this poor young man, I realized that for the first time names almost reflect a persons appearance. Take Joslyn…it sounds powerful and exotic. Take a person named Jacob….probably a jerk. Names just work like that….it has a persons being in them. I would not recommend giving a person a name, for fear that teh name you give them is something that does not reflect a great…..image. No your probably wondering the name I gave this poor chap…because what could be the worst name you could name someone?

Marv…I thought this guy was named MARV

Let me give you the description of the names meaning according to….”From the Welsh name Merfyn, which possibly meant “marrow famous”. This was the name of a 9th-century Welsh king, Merfyn Frych.”

That’s right, I though this guy was a welsh king that was “marrow famous”….which is kinda cool. But I’ll tell you that I didn’t think that when I first met him. I was thinking the goof from Home Alone…you know, the one that always got the traps that should, had killed him and looked like he took a dump on his clothes to start the morning off. This kid didn’t even look like him! But Jossy was all “Dude’s Marv”

So once he named me Michelle I instantly realized who this kid was. He was the one that became flustered when I gave him the serial killer name because of his face. Lucky me, he isn’t a serial killer…just a easy flustered kid, and turns out EVERY FLIPPIN PERSON CALLS HIM MARV! Apparently one of the upperclassmen we knew, liked the awkward situation and the name so it stuck. So now this kid goes around calling himself Marv to strangers and loves it.

Of course this is all nice and sweet, and I guess the moral of the story is you should take awkward situations and run with them, because you can turn them into your awesome life.

For Marv this was a happy ending, for me….not so much. Once my housemates realized I gave Marv the name they started planning our wedding.

My Life


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