2 sides


Going home is always a treat for me. Yes, because of the fact the fridge is fully stocked and my parents have AC. But my parents also have the knowledge of all things conservative…like super conservative. To give you an idea, we have one TV in the middle of the house that is on 24/7. And this TV isn’t just on any channel…this is my parents FOX news TV…so that any time they get “breaking news” my parents can prepare a well-made argument or complaint on Facebook.

I love my parents and over the years they have taught me several great things that I have used in creating my own political standing. But at the same time I have noticed that my parents have become so engulfed in their own political stance they miss a lot of points and have isolated themselves to one view.

I don’t think its wrong having one viewpoint that goes against another. But I do think it’s wrong to not listen and take in consideration that there is another viewpoint.

One of the biggest problems I see today is people insisting that there is one way. You have to go right or left, support or abolish, keep or throw away. This goes for real life and for real life politics, having to choose is one of the only ways to get things done. The only problem is the fact that by doing this you are forcing the issue of a winner or loser.

When you go back into history (which a lot of people love to do for politics) and you look at the founders you have to realize that it wasn’t all easy and working together. They were even worse than us, because they didn’t have their political parties, instead it was a bunch of men from 13 separate and independent regions who wanted to benefit themselves and the people they serve…not the nation as a whole. It took a lot of giving up and compromise to get America started. Yes there was sever backdoor deals, yes several issues ended up thriving (slavery) as a result, and yes some people were left out of the deals for a time. But in the end they all had to come together and realize that in the end…looking out for the whole of the country and yourself means working together and giving in and finding ways together to allow the country to thrive.

So with that I feel that in terms of political ideas we should keep our stances, but also realize that thinking you have to just have one with no compromise or support of both parties and their interest will lead that idea to not helping to support the whole. Because as much as you like to think that your ideas and beliefs are important and worthwhile, you have to remember that in America especially we are a nation full of people who are different. If anything you need to realize that with two sides comes not only compromise, but improvement for all. Encourage those with different ideas to look at issues from your point of view and ask how they think the ideas can be approached from their prospective.

Remember that not everyone will agree and some ideas will be harder to compromise and figure out than others. But the goal of the nation shouldn’t be to pick a side and run with it blindly, but rather to look at ways you and others can look at all the problems and discus ways they affect you and can be made better for the whole.

I know many people won’t agree, including my own parents. But as I watch my generation change the dynamics that have been in place the last couple decades, I realize that we have come a long way and are realizing that it’s not all about picking a side to win. Rather its about working together and assuring that the generations before us will have a reason to be proud of what America has done.


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