I want to tell you about why I love SPU.


6927fb62c172da1e4aea5437dc5fb27cI’ve been here for 3 years already and it’s been amazing. The place is full of adventure and a person is able to experience life like never before. The other day I met a guy who owned a pair of white skinny jeans and a fur coat…..where else can you find people like that?!!?

You have your bible thumpers, your party pastor kids, and your high school couples who’ll get engaged after their sophomore year. You end up living ever day wondering if it’s possible to stay in more than when you were in high school (and the answer is of course!)

SPU is a challenge and I like challenges, it pushes you to think outside the box of entertaining yourself and that’s what I had to do. So I joined Senate… the student government representative body, and one of the most interesting groups of my lifetime.

Later on I’ll do short little bios of all the main core members as I encountered them, because there is no way people like them should ever be forgotten. But for the most part Senate was everything you can imagine. Full of hot personalities and over achieving 20 year olds. We fought,, we cried, we laughed at others pain. We almost became that huge messed up family that everyone talks about and I quickly learned that some of these people have earned my respect. At the same time many people lost my respect…..a couple earned my fist in their guts. But it was great and in the end we achieved the honor of creating a new chapter in the SPU student body.

I love SPU because while I was in senate I was able to actually see my work happen. Now I have to warn you I didn’t do much “work”. I mainly walked around boys floors and asked them to take a survey that included their relationship statues, transportation abilities, and if they liked Indian food or not….because that was needed for the student body to grow closer together. But even with my small political abilities, I was able to learn what students want, and when the time came for me to poke my head into matters that actually mattered, I was shocked to see how connected everyone was.

I could never achieve what I did at a large state school, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get into student government there anyway (I’m pretty sure that the fact I’ve run unopposed helped me in gaining my spots….a little bit at least) and because of that fact, I thank you SPU. Thank you for creating the political monster I have become and I will do all I can to achieve the best for you as my next two years go on.

Also…..a bit of a disclaimer. Brian Valley is a poo head and I only let him beat me because I felt bad for his puppy face…..so take that Brian!


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