Just a Sunday morning


I realize that I say pretty interesting things. But you have to hear me at 10:00am on a Sunday morning after a long Saturday night….that I spent eating brownies and potato chips. Here are a couple things that I’ve said over coffee this Sunday morning.


“Did I talk in my sleep….I feel like I was freaking out a lot last night…but in a weird, not sexy way.”

“This morning I was thinking how weird it was not having anyone in the house and was wanting you to come back…I don’t feel that anymore now that you’re here.”

roommate has been listening to country music all morning: Roomie “Okay, one more and I’m gone!”
Me: “Or you can just go…idk, that one sounds pretty good?”

Roommate: “I guess I could just spend the money I get for tips to save up?”
Me: “yeah, lucky! I don’t get tips….mainly because not many people like to tip you for data entry…”


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