What…summers over!?!?!


I know, Hate me all you want. Jerks!



For your information my time away was for a reason. After posting for much of the beginning of summer I realized I needed to go out and enjoy life, rather than taking huge amounts of my day recording all my feelings. And so this summer I did just that. I unplugged (not from everything…I’m not a weirdo) and I went out and enjoyed myself and it was worth it.

I went on a wonderfully awful camping trip that included mosquitos and cold rivers. I had adventures with my new friends going to Oregon and taking runs around Greenlake. I survived living with other crazy subletters and I enjoyed the company of the several men who visited (most taken or just weird….but whatever) I had so much fun and I’m pretty sure that everyone I spent time with will all have a special place in my heart or something like that.

But back to the real world, I spent most of my time working 40 hours a week in the data entry job of mine (first reason my summer didn’t have that extra flair.) and if I wasn’t working I was probably in the hospital. Turns out summertime is the perfect time for my body to go into freak out mode.

I wont go into details, but my system is all messed up and my doctor is blaming ridicules things, like pound of bacon I have every Saturday morning or my lack of exercise (I walk a block to work every day so I don’t know what he thinks I’m missing out on)  SO now I’m having a system restart which includes a juice cleanse and starting a new and improved diet.

My doctor has this huge sense of humor and said I need to take the Paleo diet, which is sometimes called the caveman diet. Its pretty much when you just eat what people ate a long time ago before they decided they wanted to live past 30 years old. But I can still have bacon so I’m okay with it.

So new diet and to top it off I have a new school year coming. Last year I had the opportunity to be a leader at Seattle Pacific University and I loved it! This year I’m doing the same thing and even have a bigger position so that’s cool. Sop look out for me SPU cause I’m taking over.

So new food, leadership, a new house, and new friends. Life is great and your jealous…..the way it should be.

More updates are coming and don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere!


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