What…summers over!?!?!


I know, Hate me all you want. Jerks!



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The Flippin .6%


You know those days when you wonder why you’re the way you? Well I had one of those days and I decided to take a personality test to make sure it was right. So I spent the next hour and $15 on a personality test because I’m bored and rich…okay not rich, but I was hecka bored and wanted to know why I was so me.

So I discovered that I’m a ENTP…which is an Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, judging person…so basically I’m a jackass.

But for reals this personality test was spot on, from the fact that I hated monotone work and was a more leader who liked the spotlight…but not the work. It also gave me a bit of insight with who I would be drawn to as far as a relationship…and that’s when I realized I was screwed.

First off If you thought my personality seemed a little strong you should take a look at my “ideal partners”. Introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging, so basically everything that would hate to be around someone like me! On top of the fact we would basically be fighting for the right to be the leader of EVERYTHING, it also mentions we don’t really read each other or ourselves that well….so you have two people who don’t know that their even in love because we’re robots and can’t feel.

But the best part is when you add children into the mix. The website mentions that we (me and my full of himself spouse) would basically make the worst parents in history. Neither of us would know how to deal with the emotions our kids would end up having….just think about this poor strange child with the robot parents. Crying…well mom has no idea why your crying and can’t understand why you liked that cat so much and dad will insist that it’s just life…and that you’ll die too….and then child services comes because a child shouldn’t cry for 4 years nonstop.

So we can’t deal with our emotions, or the emotions of our children and I’m reading this all like “great…my life is going to be a typical Seattleite no child lonely couple who barley talk…awesome.” But don’t worry, because I do live in Seattle and the probability that I find a guy is very unlikely. And that’s fine…because according to this personality definition only 2% of Americans have this personality…..add the fact I live in a small area of the country, and will probably try and marry a guy I’m physically attracted to…and a bunch of other factors (age, religion, blab la bla…) I’m probably only matched with .6% of the entire available population of the greater Seattle area….OH JOY!!!

Basically I realize that this test doesn’t define me (it does explain parts of me…..alot.) and I will continue to live life like I control it. And if I do end up meeting that one guy of the .6% and we marry…I swear to God above we will do you all a favor and not have children…cause that would be awful!

*If you want to also take a shorter and less all that test you can take it here http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

YOLO….more like YONO


So with the new roommates and housing situation comes a whole new adventure and outlook on what it means to live in Seattle. I’m living with a couple girls that I knew from living in the dorms and I was friends with a couple. But still, that was only a couple of girls and only for a brief time so I wasn’t expecting any big connections or huge moments to doing anything. Boy was I wrong!

One of the big things my new house does is at the end of the quarter they have YOLO week. It’s exactly what your thinking about. Basically we have a series of escalated dares to celebrate our newfound freedom from school. But during the summer these weirdos kick it up a notch. They change from living once to being young once(YOYO)….not sure why that change is needed but it is. These dares are 10xs more extreme and borderline crazy. How crazy you might ask? Let’s just say my 100 piece chicken nugg stunt looks tame.

So far I’ve been Yoloed into diving into the ocean and checking out a creepy house. Yeah I know….whats so challenging about those. Well lets start off that I’m highly scared of flippin water cause you can die from it…..so yeah.

But really, during all these dares and occurrences of yoyoing I have noticed that while there may be flaws in the who yolo culture you got to admit its pretty fun. You are looking into the face of danger and telling it that it’s a creepy old naysayer and you will have none of their negativity. Case your a hipster who loves wearing pants during a hot summer day, riding a bike that could fall apart at any minuet, racing to the grocery store to get some Eco-friendly light bulbs so they can read that book they found in  the overpriced vintage shop.

So go out and become the greatest free spirited monster I know  you can be!