Baby names from Starbs!?!


So in the last couple years or so, I’ve had the issue of wanting coffee. It’s pretty stupid actually. I’m lactose intolerant so getting anything with dairy is bad for my stomach….and digestive system….and for making friends. On top of that I dislike straight brewed coffee because my childish taste buds insist on sugary flavors with everything that goes into my mouth. So coffee isn’t the best….and coffee shops are the worst. Continue reading


The Name Game


One of my favorite things in the whole word is trying to come up with names for my future children.

As a person who has a more unusual name, I find “creative” names special and love finding new ways to include little life moments into my childrens awful future.

So I decided to keep the names and reasons fresh in my head, I’ll write down why I like them and the story behind the names. First one is a classic for all my SPUers


Bertona and Cremona

These names comes from the streets that run through SPU and they are also the names of SPUs most uniked cassrooms. The curse of the B and C classrooms, stems from their distance from any of teh dorms or regular spaces. These names symbolize to me the extreme distance that one must make to ensure our dreams come true. Or they could represent the fact the chances of me just skipping those classes increased drastically if in my schedule.

Bertona and Cremona are fun and have a ring to them that unrivals all the other streets. Plus they also work well with twins if I’m cursed with that blessing. So America, I hope you are ready for Bert and Crommy cause they might be your future rulers.

(But really lets face it, Burt will be fine but Crommy is going to have some issues.)